Fark.com is a web site dedicated to providing interesting news articles for the easily amused. However, Fark.com is also a site for image editing and audio editing contests. I have been a regular contributor to the image editing (Photoshop) contests for quite some time now. The following is a list of some of the contests in which I have participated and received favorable responses.

Contest Description Original My Entry Notes
603622 Photoshop President Bush snickering 1st Place
615645 Make a new fav icon for Fark. Link goes to an example (16 pixels by 16 pixels) N/A 1st Place
759792 Theme: Photoshop other end zone celebrations that will likely lead to fine. Link goes to Joe Horn's cell phone call N/A 1st Place
759792 Theme: Salad dressings based on candy bars. Link goes to the history of Thousand Island Dressing N/A 1st Place
906020 Photoshop the real reason why this little girl is running 1st Place
910745 Theme: The _____ of Turin. Link = GIS N/A 1st Place
922799 Pick a scene from Iowa State's "Last VEISHA Ever" and photoshop it. Choices include egg catapults, a medieval tournament and Jesus marching with a folded lawn chair 1st Place
617417 Is he protesting or cheering? 2nd Place
625823 Farker's friend saw this in Philly, sitting all alone on a bench
2nd Place
636943 Photoshop John Kerry stinkin' drunk on his campaign plane 2nd Place
740328 Photoshop this farkette's boyfriend and his boss in their server room for the front page of their company newsletter 2nd Place
747049 Photoshop this wasp on a rose 2nd Place
776106 Photoshop these members of the Polar Bear Club taking a New Year dip 2nd Place
604275 Photoshop some guy getting hosed Top 5
622152 Photoshop what is cropped out of view on this TV screen Top 5
638853 Ann Coulter shooting at something Top 5
652855 Photoshop a stage pass for your favorite band or song. Link goes to examples N/A Top 5
671097 Photoshop Craig Kilborn Top 5
676940 Theme: McDonald's has set the new standard for dumb-ad campaigns. Make it look better by creating even dumber ad campaigns. N/A Top 5
690455 Theme: Photoshop an American TV show that could be rejuvenated by adding a European twist N/A Top 5
707846 In honour of Sesame Street turning 35, photoshop the letters Q and X, and the number 13 N/A Top 5
708755 Photoshop the Atari 2600 game you always wanted but was never made N/A
Top 5
718290 Photoshop this protestor Top 5
733366 Photoshop Farker's neighbor at his Halloween party (or Mike Ditka in the background) Top 5
774432 Photoshop the Lexmark CEO Top 5
776104 Photoshop these University of Michigan fans Top 5
915463 Celebrate National High Five Day '04 by photoshopping a strange high five N/A Top 5
920674 Theme: Visual representations of grammar/spelling mistakes. Difficulty: You're not gonna have trouble N/A Top 5
744041 Photoshop popular-culture icons betraying their ethics N/A 119 Votes
715072 Photoshop theme: Mate-a-movie. Combine two or more movies into one. Link goes nowhwere N/A 119 Votes
739287 Theme: What if "truth in advertising" was required in everything? Photoshop the hilarity that could ensue. Link goes nowhere special N/A 112 Votes
653373 Photoshop your own "Anti-Drug" ad. Link goes to example N/A 104 Votes
715072 Photoshop theme: Mate-a-movie. Combine two or more movies into one. Link goes nowhwere N/A 102 Votes
646820 Photoshop 8 coming soon. Present some unlikely new features N/A 95 Votes

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